Pistol Case Processor

The CAMDEX CASE PROCESSOR is the workhorse of the industry. It is shipped complete and self contained.* No additional equipment is required. It is the only product that completely transforms a 9mm case into “like-new brass”. It automatically ejects berdan primed cases, split and cracked cases and 380 auto cases (when running 9mm) without stopping the machine.

All cases are fully resized, including the base of rimless cases to assure accurate and uniform chambering. Military crimp is removed by a swaging operation on the primer pocket. The CAMDEX CASE PROCESSOR also checks for foreign objects inside cases and for ringed cases. Processed military cases will load just like the finest commercial brass.

The CAMDEX CASE PROCESSOR is available in all handgun calibers. It is also possible to purchase the machine with additional caliber conversion to allow processing of more than one caliber.

          * Shop Air Required (Approximately 75 PSI)

Pistol Case Processor
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  • Automatic or Jog modes at the press of a button
  • Machine will automatically stop if a loaded round, object inside case or a ringed case is encountered.
  • Berdan Probe automatically ejects berdan cases without stopping.
  • Split and Crack case check automatically ejects short or split cases without stopping.
  • Primer pockets are vacuumed clean after primer removal.
  • Primer pockets are inspected for ringers before swaging
  • Primer pocket is swaged to eliminate military crimp.
  • All rimless cases are base sized in the last station as they are ejected from the machine by a Tungsten Carbide Base Sizing Die.
  • Automatic Vacuum/Air Pressure monitoring system.

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