Case Sorting Machine
Case Sorting Machine
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The Sorter is capable of separating all sizing of range brass. Its six foot long rollers allows for fine adjustment for accurate sorting. The Sorter is capable of sorting a five gallon bucket in 18 minutes. It is completely self contained. Cases are dumped into the .8 cubic foot hopper and are automatically fed into the rotating cylinders. They are at approximately a 15 degree angle to the base.

Cases move along the roller path by the rotation and angle of the unit. One roller is in a fixed position and one roller can be adjusted to vary the angle or opening between the rollers.

The cases are sorted by diameter and fall into plastic bins which direct the cases out from both sides of the rollers to their respective containers.

The hopper has a rheostat control to regulate the feed rate. The rollers are a fixed speed and have a separate on/off control from the hopper feed unit.
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