2200 Series Small Rifle Loading Machine

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The Camdex 2200 Series Rifle Loader has automatic primer feeding to improve production rates and simplify the loading process. Just put up to 400 primers in the bowl at one time and the feeder will supply the machine automatically. The primer feeder is controlled by a fiber optic monitoring system which allows approximately 60 primers into the feed tube. When the primer level falls below this amount the fiber optics will turn the feeder on. When the level has returned, the primer feeder will shut off. The feed will also orient the primer to feed with the proper side up.
The priming system is also monitored by a vacuum system which will shut the machine off should the machine run out of primers. The vacuum system is monitored by the Smart Panel, which informs the operator of the location of any of the monitored faults.
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The Camdex 2100 Series and the Camdex 2200 Series Rifle Loader both use the Smart Panel and make the machines extremely user friendly. The electric current is 120 volts/60 Hz (also available in 220v/50hz) with 24V DC control circuitry to all external micro switches. All of the controlled functions of the machine are easily monitored on the touch-sensitive screen directing the operator to the location of any fault that occurs.

The 2200 Series control panel not only monitors 10 machine functions, It also provides easy access to all of the feeder controls. The vacuum pump is controlled through the PLC by way of the touch-sensitive screen and the power and speed controls for the case, primer and bullet feeders are located on the face of the panel.

The Camdex 2200 Series Loader has 11 stations in line. It sequentially moves the case from left to right. Each station performs a process or inspection for the succeeding station, until the cycling of the machine produces a finished cartridge with each cycle. After the case leaves the case entry tube it moves to the first station where the machine probes for a case with nothing inside of it. This starts the progression as follows: ID/OD neck size, primer pocket probe to assure the entire primer has been removed from the primer pocket, prime, powder drop, powder probe (for over and under charge) and case-mouth bell, initial bullet seating, finish-depth bullet seating and crimp and bullet check. When the round exits the machine it is ready to fire.

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The Camdex 2200 Series Rifle Loading Machine comes with the same one year warranty on materials and workmanship and is built with the same mechanical concepts that continue to make the 2100 Series Pistol Loader the workhorse of the industry.

Complete with the SmartPanel design, the 2200 Series Loader monitors the all the systems necessary to assure quality ammunition in .223, .308 and most popular rifle calibers.

The 2200 Series monitors the following: case probe, primer pocket probe, primer feed, primer slide, powder probe, bullet fault, vacuum fault and motor current to make the loading process user friendly and reduce component related problems.

Special consideration is given to the large size case and bullet feeders and the extended powder canister to accommodate the increased size of components.

The in-line design allows the 2200 Series Loader to be flexible to the loading process.  It allows for the quick and easy changing of powder charges and bullet styles.  The conversion of the machine from one caliber to another is also accomplished with a minimum of down time. 

The case neck is sized and expanded to assure the correct bullet interference.  The adjustable crimp station allows for any desired bullet pull.  The new frangible bullets requiring a more delicate and controlled crimp are easily accomplished on this machine.

Like the 2100 Series Loader, the 2200 Series Loader offers automatic primer feeding that is monitored by vacuum pressure and controlled by fiber optic sensors that limit the number of primers in the machine at any one time.  The fiber optic control maintains a low level of primers in the feed system

Case and Bullet level switches turn the machine off should it run low of these components

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