Rapid Auto Loader
This newest product in the Camdex line is a State-of-the-Art machine using some of the most accurate mechanics in the industry. Servo-Drive motors are monitored by motion controllers to produce precision motion of several positions simultaneously. Cases are tracked from their entry into the machine through all of the stations and can be displayed on the computer monitor on the face of the control panel. Powder accuracy is checked by comparing the weight of an empty case to its weight after the powder has been dispensed. The weights are compared and if the difference is outside of preset tolerances, the casing is tracked and exits from the machine at the fault ejection station. The powder is also mechanically probed as a second check to assure an accurate charge. The powder is metered with the use of a pulsating servomotor resulting in precise powder charges.
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This rotary index loader can be double tooled to allow it to cycle up to 100 rounds per minute. Large case and bullet feeders and powder reservoir maintain a continuous flow of components into the machine. Should the feeders run low on components, micro switches monitoring these levels will stop the machine and notify the operator of the problem.

The control monitor is programmed with 16 screens allowing the operator to set loading parameters, vary cartridge overall length, crimp pressure, chambering pressure, case and bullet feeder speeds and several other characteristics of the loading process. The machines flexible design characteristic gives total latitude for the location, function, and inspection application desired at any location.

The R A L Loading System can be built in most centerfire rifle calibers and can be configured to meet your reloading needs.

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